Upgrade Package

Improved Baggage Space

The HondaJet APMG increases the maximum takeoff weight to 10,700 pounds, allowing passengers to carry additional baggage.

Improved Range and Takeoff Distance

The HondaJet APMG upgrade package requires 440 less feet of runway space than the original HondaJet. And with Steep Approach certification, the APMG can access more airport around the world, such as London City and Lugano Airport.

Advanced Avionics

The upgraded HondaJet APMG avionics suite gives pilots an enhanced experience with more situational awareness and increased safety.

Takeoff/Landing Distance (TOLD) Management

TOLD Management automatically computes V-speeds, climb/approach gradients, required runway length and more.

Garmin Flight Stream 510

Garmin Flight Stream 510 can wirelessly transfer a flight plan from a mobile device operating Garmin Pilot, ForeFlight Mobile or FltPlan Go apps to the HondaJet APMG avionics system.

Aerodynamics Details

The APMG package increases the span of the horizontal stabilizer and removes the wing fences, providing an improvement to aerodynamics.