Ownership is Personal

Every jet we deliver is meticulously crafted by a hands-on team of technicians. That same level of care goes into our owner relationships. With a global fleet of over 200 aircraft we take pride in achieving a dispatch reliability of 99.7 percent, ensuring the aircraft is always ready when you need it. No matter where you take off or touch down, you’ve got the entire Honda Aircraft team behind you.

Around the Clock, Around the World

Our technical support center operates 24/7, with specialists trained to help you with anything from immediate AOG ownership and general troubleshooting, to data and fault analysis. Technicians interface with service engineering, conducting aircraft repairs, service bulletin development, reliability and corrective action systems and maintenance program analysis. For 24/7 AOG Support call: 888.453.2501 or 336.217.4702

A Fully-Integrated Inventory System

With a carefully managed parts inventory supporting customers and dealers worldwide, you can feel confident any service or parts you require are promptly within reach. Our integrated system tracks order trends, monitors issues in real-time, responds with 24/7 AOG support, allows for web-based order entry, and even provides same-day or next-flight service in the event of extreme circumstances.

The Service You Need, When You Need It

Our extensive dealer network ensures that the service you require is easily accessible. With dealers across North America, South America, Europe, and extending into Asia, the materials, spare parts, and trained HondaJet technicians are close at hand. This availability of service and support helps make your HondaJet experience all the more enjoyable.

Delivery Made Special

Leading up to delivery, your personal support team will make sure you are well-acquainted with the topics, technical details and training you need for an enjoyable transition from aircraft buyer, to aircraft owner.

Pilots Welcome

We conduct in-depth aviation training with one of the world’s leading training partners. That way, every pilot is given the tools and skills necessary to get the most out of their experience operating the HondaJet.

Maintain Your Aircraft

Proper maintenance is essential in the long-term enjoyment of your aircraft. With maintenance training conducted in partnership with FlightSafety® International, and with a comprehensive warranty program, you’ll be prepared for the journey ahead.

Upgrade Package

From our Advanced Performance Modification Group comes the first HondaJet APMG package, available as an upgrade to our original 420 model. Heightened performance translates into shorter takeoffs, greater load capacity and avionics upgrades - all for a more refined HondaJet experience.