Predelivery Process

Throughout the delivery experience, your support team will be in regular communication, providing guidance and explanation of key ownership topics and decisions.

Delivery Process

Honda’s comprehensive delivery process is designed to provide customers turnkey support for flight and maintenance training, aircraft technical acceptance, and a seamless transfer of ownership. As the date of delivery approaches, we will provide a detailed schedule of the delivery event.

Additionally, customers are provided with opportunities for selection of service options and a full orientation to Honda’s extensive Global HondaJet Dealer Network and Service and Support Team. Other information supplied includes servicing and ground handling familiarization, technical manuals, warranty and service programs, and many other areas of support that are all designed to provide a smooth launch and a joyful ownership experience.

As you taxi toward departure for your first flight to your home location, you can be confident that you have the entire HondaJet Dealer Network and Honda Aircraft Service and Support Team poised to provide assistance throughout your HondaJet ownership.

HondaJet Warranty

The Honda Aircraft Company stands behind the HondaJet by warranting the aircraft to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for up to three years on most parts (exceptions and limitations apply). The warranty is transferable upon aircraft resale.

  1. Airframe—manufacturer limited warranty
    1. OEM components—until the earlier to occur of the date that is 36 months after delivery or 1,500 flight hours.
    2. Supplier items—until the earlier to occur of the date that is 36 months after delivery or 1,500 flight hours.
    3. Paint and interior—until 12 months after the delivery date.
  2. Engines—manufacturer limited warranty until the earlier to occur of the date that is 36 months or 1,500 hours from delivery time.
  3. Avionics—manufacturer limited warranty until the earlier to occur of the date that is 36 months or 1,500 hours from delivery time.

Document and Technical Publications

Technical publications for your HondaJet are accessible anywhere and utilize the latest in 2D and 3D technology, and may be accessed using web-based platforms that work best for you. The Aircraft will be delivered with the following technical publications and a revision service for one year at no charge:

  • U.S. Standard Airworthiness Certificate or Export Certificate for Airworthiness as appropriate
  • Airplane Flight Manual
  • Pilot’s Operating Manual
  • Pilot Quick Reference Handbook
  • Passenger Briefing Cards
  • Cabin Equipment Operations Card
  • Electronic Logbooks
  • Service Bulletins/Letters
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Illustrated Parts Catalog

Additionally, we help keep your aircraft airworthy and in full regulatory compliance by supplying direct access to our recommended maintenance compliance and tracking system. This service is also accessible online and provides you the ability to maintain a fully electronic logbook and centralized maintenance record storage.

Flight Ready Maintenance Program

The HondaJet Flight Ready maintenance service program is designed to maximize flying time and minimize variations in maintenance costs. Program participation allows aircraft owners to plan on fixed usage rates based on selected plan coverage. The program offers three levels of coverage to meet the diverse needs of HondaJet customers.

  • Predictable airframe maintenance costs
  • Increased aircraft resale value
  • Multi-tiered program
    • Standard new aircraft warranty
    • Optional materials coverage with added services
    • Optional nose-to-tail coverage
  • Fee based on actual aircraft utilization
  • Transferable with aircraft
  • Value added by HondaJet dealer/OEM servicing
  • Comprehensive optional engine programs available
Protection, Performance, and Precision
Service Plan Feature P1 P2 P3
Comprehensive New Aircraft Warranty
24/7 Technical Support
Customer Web Portal
Service Parts Shipping and Insurance •(*) •(*)
Mandatory Service Bulletins (**)
Airframe Components
Avionics Components
Life-Limited Parts
Consumables and Hardware
Shop Supplies
Scheduled Maintenance Labor
Unscheduled Maintenance Labor*
AOG/Mobile Service Teams
  • Extended Engine Support - by HondaJet's Engine Manufacturer (Optional)
  • HondaJet Maintenance Compliance Tracking System - Required for P2 and P3 Programs
  • (*)During Warranty Period
  • (**)Mandatory Service Bulletins are covered by their own programs regardless of Warranty status

Service Parts Support

Our Service Parts team efficiently manages the service parts inventory to support our dealer network and the needs of our customers. This management process will leverage Honda’s fully integrated information system, offering the capability of delivering service parts and necessary support in the most efficient and timely manner possible.

  • Service parts availability
    • Inventory planning and stocking
    • Comprehensive management of customer parts
    • Order activity trends
    • Issue monitoring and rectification
  • Order administration
    • 24/7 AOG support
    • Web-based order entry tools
  • Global logistics
    • Immediate access to primary logistics partner
    • Late evening shipping cutoff capability
    • Same-day or next-flight services for critical requirements