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At Honda Aircraft Company, we are driven by a passion for empowering customers around the world with the joy and freedom of skyward mobility. Like all of Honda, “The Three Joys” are fundamental to who we are and set the standard for how we approach what we do. These Three Joys include the Joy of Buying, the Joy of Selling, and the Joy of Creating and can be appreciated by any individual who becomes a member of the Honda family. For Honda Aircraft Company Pre-Owned Services, we experience the Three Joys by providing quality pre-owned aircraft that exceed customer expectations, partnering with customers to broker their aircraft, and upgrading customers’ existing aircraft to enhance the value of their initial investment.

The HondaJet Buying Experience

Whether you are a new or existing customer, our goal is to provide a unique buying experience that is tailored to your individual needs and exceeds your expectations. Owners who take delivery of our aircraft join a close-knit family, where the success of your mission and enjoyment of your aircraft is our top priority. We partner with you through every step of the pre-owned purchasing process to ensure you have a positive, successful entry into service with your HondaJet. We look forward to welcoming you to the HondaJet family!

Choosing a Certified Pre-Owned HondaJet

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Reserved exclusively for pre-owned aircraft that meet our most stringent requirements, the designation of “Certified Pre-Owned” ensures the customer is receiving the highest quality, most up-to-date version of the aircraft. In order to receive the label of “Certified Pre-Owned,” each HondaJet must first pass a thorough, pre-purchase inspection covering more than 208 points on the aircraft.

In addition, any HondaJet that meets the requirements of this program will receive one initial pilot type rating and a 12 Month Extended Airframe Warranty. All Honda Aircraft Company Certified Pre-Owned aircraft come current on FlightReady and Engine Maintenance Care programs, transferable to the purchaser. As participants in this program, customers can also expect to enjoy a unique aircraft delivery experience that establishes critical points of contact to ensure a smooth transition into service.

Pre-Owned Aircraft

While not all aircraft will receive the premium designation of “Certified Pre-Owned,” any pre-owned aircraft you may purchase from Honda Aircraft Company must still meet our discerning standards and therefore carry the promise of quality and reliability synonymous with the Honda name. Customers can be confident that each pre-owned aircraft we offer has been upgraded as needed and all required service bulletins and maintenance inspections have been addressed.

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Interested in learning if a Certified Pre-Owned HondaJet is right for you?

2020 Honda Elite S

Serial Number: 42000187

Model Year: 2020

Passenger: 6

Landings: 336 cycles

Total Time: 537 hours

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2017 HondaJet APMG

Serial Number: 42000073

Model Year: 2017

Passenger: 5

Landings: 459 cycles

Total Time: 432 hours

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Pre-Owned Aircraft Callout

Interested in learning if a Pre-Owned HondaJet is right for you?

The HondaJet Buying Experience

The HondaJet Buying Experience

Discover the benefits of partnering with us for your next pre-owned aircraft purchase.

Looking to Sell?

Looking to Sell?

Partner with the people that know your aircraft the best.

Honda Aircraft Company Brokerage Services

Through extensive pre-owned aircraft market research, analysis, and expertise specific to the HondaJet, customers who choose to utilize Honda Aircraft Company Brokerage Services can be confident they will receive a competitive sales price for their aircraft. By partnering with the people who know their aircraft the best, customers can expect to receive a seamless, personalized experience based on mutual trust, free from the hassle of unnecessary third parties that add additional cost and time to the process.

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Pre-Owned Services Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in Honda Aircraft Company Pre-Owned Services. We look forward to connecting and discussing how we can partner with you to best support your needs.

Upgrade Options

Ensuring our customers have the safest, most reliable aircraft while continuing to offer the latest innovations and improvements has always been a priority at Honda Aircraft Company. Thanks to valuable customer feedback as well as numerous reliability, economic, and aircraft operational analyses, our Customer Support organization has developed several aftermarket upgrades available to our customer base. Upgrades to the HondaJet include everything from performance modifications to cabin entertainment.

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MGR, Contract Administration and Delivery

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Customer Service Sales Inquiries

For general upgrade options/catalog inquiries, please contact Customer Service Sales.