Honda Aircraft Special Missions

The advanced technologies incorporated into the HondaJet design make it well-suited to a variety of special missions. Honda Aircraft is currently offering HondaJets for medevac and organ transport missions. HondaJet Medevac offers lower operating costs and higher speed than other medical transport aircraft, as well as a quiet, highly customizable interior and an industry-leading dispatch reliability of 99.7 percent. Explore how Honda Aircraft Company can best meet your medical transport needs.

Low Operating Cost, High Air Speed

Each HondaJet Medevac uses advanced technology to maximize fuel efficiency without sacrificing speed. Enjoy the best of both worlds as you transport your passengers quickly, all while lowering your operating costs.

Multiple Configurations Available

HondaJet Medevac features a number of possible configurations based on your medical transport needs. Remove seats and the lavatory to prioritize storage, or add seats for greater passenger comfort. Featured on the left are a few of our popular configurations, and we remain flexible to other customized configurations based on customer need.

Comfort and Dependability

By placing the engines over the wings rather than on the fuselage, HondaJet Medevac features the quietest cabin in its class. Our aircraft also features an industry-leading dispatch reliability of 99.7 percent, ensuring that the aircraft is always ready. Patients and doctors can relax in the tranquil cabin while en-route to the hospital.

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