Air and Ground Performance

Excellence in the Air

A maximum cruising altitude of 43.,000 feet. A maximum cruise speed of 422 knots. These are numbers the light business category had never seen before, yet with the entry of the HondaJet, new standards –and new possibilities –were suddenly put in play.

Excellence in Range

Our OTWEM and Natural Laminar Flow technology proved what can be achieved when perfection is the goal. Owners enjoy best-in-class fuel economy and flight range–a whopping 1223 nautical miles–all in world-class comfort.

Excellence on the Ground

The HondaJet is equally impressive in its overall ground performance. The takeoff distance of <4000 feet and landing distance of <3050 puts smaller airfields in play. And the 3990 feet-per-minute climb rate contributes to our stellar fuel economy, getting you to cruising altitude faster.