The Honda Name Says it All

Over the past 60 years, Honda has built some of the world’s most beloved mobility products. And in process, we’ve built a reputation for quality. It’s not a byproduct. It’s an ethos, ingrained in our joy of creating products that surpass expectations and add value to lives. Because a quality experience can only be delivered through a quality machine that performs flawlessly, and excites, every time.

Tested at Every Step

We’re able to deliver the world’s finest light jet because of how we operate. All disciplines work together at our headquarters–research and development, manufacturing and assembly, structural testing and systems integration–ensuring consistent feedback and interdisciplinary collaboration. And the results of our process speak for themselves.

A Dedication to Safety

An essential theme of our quality story is our focus on safety. That’s why we’ve incorporated the Garmin® G3000 avionics suite into our aircraft. Designed for seamless interaction, it features high resolution all-glass displays, minimizes button and knob clutter, and utilizes intuitive touchscreen controls. For the pilot, it means a clarity and focus on the controls that matter. For the passenger, it means peace of mind from takeoff to landing.