Foundational Innovation

The HondaJet Elite S builds upon the breakthrough aviation technologies introduced in the original HondaJet to deliver an aircraft that outperforms all others in its class.

Over-The-Wing Engine Mount

Honda Aircraft's patented Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM) configuration works with the airflow over the wing to minimize aerodynamic shockwave, increasing the aircraft's top speed. This breakthrough also unlocks a larger, quieter cabin for passengers and a signature exterior profile that stands out on the ramp.

Natural Laminar Flow

Natural Laminar Flow technology on the main wing and fuselage ensures a smooth and undisturbed airflow over the surface of the aircraft to minimize air resistance. This improves fuel efficiency, range, and speed.

Composite Fuselage

The HondaJet Elite S carbon composite fuselage is both stronger and lighter than the aluminum used by other aircraft in its class, letting it fly higher and faster while using less fuel.

Automatic Flight Controls

The HondaJet Elite S flight control system introduces greater automation to enhance operational safety.

Electronic Stability and Protection

This system assists the pilot during manual flight by providing automatic control inputs if the aircraft strays outside of a safe flight envelope. Pilots are left in control as they return the aircraft to normal parameters, after which the system automatically disengages.

Under-Speed Protection

Available during both autopilot and manual flight, the Under-Speed Protection system prevents a stall condition by automatically adjusting aircraft pitch until a safe airspeed is restored.

Coupled Go-Around

In the event of a missed approach, Go-Around mode can be activated at the push of a button to lessen pilot workload as they prepare for the next flight phase.

Human-Machine Interface

The HondaJet Elite S flight deck uses a highly-customized, original design based on the Garmin G3000. The avionics interfaces naturally with the pilot to reduce workload, while the seat design and panel layout were developed from an ergonomic perspective by accounting for pilot and passenger movements from every possible aspect.

Takeoff and Landing Distance Management System

The avionics simplifies the most difficult portions of the flight by providing on-board computation of the required runway length, and optimal climb and approach gradients.

En-Route Performance System

The system Performance Management (PERF) feature provides performance computations and vertical profile guidance during various phases of flight. PERF may be used to estimate the time en-route and fuel consumption when maintaining a constant speed in climb, cruise, and descent based on published performance schedules or pilot enter performance schedules.

Weight and Balance Planning System

This function provides the Basic Empty Weight (BEW) and CG Location for the aircraft and allows the pilot to enter aircraft loading and fuel data, which helps estimate takeoff and landing weights, landing fuel, and excess fuel. Pilots can view a graphical representation of weight and balance data on the main flight display.

World-Class Speakerless Audio System

The HondaJet Elite S features an industry-first Bongiovi Aviation speakerless in-cabin sound system, which is integrated into the interior panel and adapts to various flight conditions, bringing passengers a best-in-class, immersive audio experience throughout the entire cabin.