Superior Capability

The Elite S expands operational capability allowing you to bring more with an increased MTOW of 200 lbs. Whether it’s passengers, cargo, or additional fuel the Elite S expands possibilities with no compromises in baseline efficiency.

Seamless Human-Machine Interface


Functionality intended to replace traditional voice commands with text based messaging for departure clearance and enroute services where available in the United States.


Enables text based messaging with both air traffic services and operation centers. Air traffic services include terminal information, terminal weather, and departure clearance from supported airports. ACARS also provides several functionalities for communicating with operation centers including: flight plan upload, messaging, weather, and automatic transmission of position reporting and Out/Off/On/In status.


This functionality allows the operator to disable the Datalink Mode of the radio and use it as tradition 3rd VHF (comes with selection of FAA Data Comm, ACARS, or CPDLC).

Sophisticated Style

Taking HondaJet’s signature exterior profile to the next level, the HondaJet Elite S introduces three new color options and logo.

Unmatched Efficiency

A more efficient jet translates to less impact on the environment. The HondaJet fulfills Honda’s long-running focus on maximizing the efficiency of its mobility products to help preserve the environment for future generations.