Designed for Sustainability

Fuel efficiency is built into the very structure of the HondaJet Elite S thanks to the combination of the Over-The-Wing Engine Mount, Natural Laminar Flow, and Composite Fuselage. Its superior aerodynamic design means that the HondaJet Elite S uses less fuel, resulting in reduced carbon emissions compared to other business jets.

Higher Fuel Efficiency

Rated the highest in its class, the HondaJet Elite S is designed to be significantly more fuel-efficient. This translates to reduced CO2 emissions and greater savings on fuel costs.

Lower Noise Emissions

The HondaJet Elite S emits less noise pollution with the combination of the Over-The-Wing Engine Mount configuration and noise-attenuating engine inlets. These line the engine to attenuate fan-blade-passage noise, allowing for a quieter interior sound and less ground noise.