Apr 16, 2024

The HondaJet Elite II to Make its AERO Friedrichshafen Debut

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany, April 16, 2024 – Honda Aircraft Company’s latest innovation, the HondaJet Elite II is making its AERO Friedrichshafen Debut. The HondaJet Elite II will be available for public viewing from April 17-20, 2024, at AERO 2024.

The HondaJet Elite II has achieved a whole new level of performance that redefines very light jet category, boasting a range of up to 1,547 nautical miles which bolsters its position as the most fuel-efficient jet that flies farther than other aircraft in its class with less carbon emissions. The Elite II’s exceptional fuel efficiency aligns with Honda Aircraft Company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting a more sustainable aviation.  

The aircraft features a fully redesigned cabin and the introduction of two new interior design options – Onyx and Steel, featuring new surface materials and colors. The cabin redesign led to a modern luxury of flight experience with a holistic approach to comfort that includes a nose to tail acoustic treatment to elevate the tranquil space, delivering an unparalleled flight experience for both passengers and pilots.

Honda Aircraft Company is also introducing its Certified Pre-owned (CPO) program to the European market at AERO 2024. The category-pioneering CPO program, first released in the United States in June 2023 and introduced to Asia in Feb 2024, is a testament to Honda’s commitment to quality, precision, and transparency, reflective of its esteemed automotive legacy.

AERO Friedrichshafen provides a unique opportunity for aviation enthusiasts and industry professionals to witness the future of aviation firsthand. As AERO Friedrichshafen marks its 30th anniversary, Honda Aircraft Company, alongside its European dealer RAS, celebrates over a decade of showcasing the HondaJet at this renowned airshow in southern Germany. Honda Aircraft Company invites all attendees to visit Hall A3, Booth 305 and learn about the unrivaled performance and features of the HondaJet Elite II.

For more information, visit hondajet.com.

About the HondaJet Elite II

The HondaJet Elite II is the fastest, farthest and highest-flying plane in its class. The HondaJet Elite II incorporates Honda Aircraft's many technological innovations, including the unique Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM) configuration, Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) nose and wing, and composite fuselage. The aircraft is also powered by the GE Honda Aero Engines HF120. All of these advancements contribute to the aircraft's superior performance, unparalleled efficiency and maximized fuselage space, making the aircraft's cabin the largest in its class. The aircraft sets the standard in safety and human-machine interface technology with an ergonomically designed cockpit and highly customized Garmin® G3000 avionics suite.

Honda Aircraft continues to be committed to improving lives through personal mobility, while living in a sustainable society. The HondaJet Elite II remains significantly more fuel efficient, with lower greenhouse gas emissions than all other similarly sized twin-engine business jets. Certified for single pilot operations, the HondaJet Elite II continues to live up to the company's reputation for superior performance, efficiency, quality, and value.