Oct 09, 2006

Sales of HondaJet Off to Impressive Start After 3-day NBAA Convention

ORLANDO, Florida, USA, Honda Aircraft Company today announced that it received well over 100 individual customer orders with deposits for the $3.65 million HondaJet during the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention in Orlando, Florida. The company began sales of its advanced light jet on October 17 and has experienced demand in excess of expectations over three days of sales.

“We are extremely pleased with the early customer response to HondaJet. In addition to the strong demand we have experienced from individuals, we are negotiating with a number of fleet customers as well,” said Michimasa Fujino, president & CEO of Honda Aircraft Co., Inc. “Due to this overwhelming response, we are now considering an increase in our production plan to meet the needs of our customers.”

HondaJet will be produced by the Honda Aircraft Company at a dedicated manufacturing facility in the United States. Toward this end, on October 11 of this year, the company submitted its application for type certification of HondaJet with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Setting new standards for performance, quality and comfort, HondaJet introduces a series of new technologies that signify a revolutionary departure from conventional light jet designs. Its most unique and recognizable feature – the over-the-wing engine mount (OTWEM) configuration – liberates precious fuselage space for increased room in the cabin and cargo stowage, while significantly reducing aerodynamic drag at high speeds for major improvements in performance and fuel efficiency.

HondaJet features a class-topping cruise speed of 420 knots with an IFR range of 1180 nautical miles¹, and a 30-35 percent gain in fuel efficiency at cruise speed versus other jets of comparable performance. HondaJet’s luxuriously-appointed cabin is about 1-foot longer than even larger light jets and features a fully-private lavatory.

“Clearly, our customers understand that HondaJet creates new value by combining class-leading speed, comfort and fuel efficiency … matched by the promise of Honda’s reputation for the highest quality,” said Fujino.

A sales network incorporating five regional sales groups has been established for sales of HondaJet – HondaJet East, HondaJet Southeast, HondaJet Midwest, HondaJet Southwest and HondaJet Northwest – operating 14 offices around the country to provide HondaJet customers with a superior sales and ownership experience. The company will also establish a network of service facilities within 90-minutes flight time from any location in the U.S.

About Honda Aircraft Company, Inc.
Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, Honda Aircraft Company, Inc. is a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co. Ltd. and was established in August 2006 to oversee certification, production, sales and service of HondaJet.

¹ Includes take-off, climb cruise at FL410, descent, and 45 minute reserve, one pilot plus three passengers (600 lb).