Jan 19, 2010

Honda Pledges Generators, Equipment and More than $300,000 for Haitian Earthquake Relief

January 19, 2010 - Honda today announced a donation to the Red Cross of more than $300,000, as well as portable generators, water pumps, and other Honda products for use during humanitarian relief and recovery efforts in Haiti.

The donation represents the collective contribution of the Honda family of companies in North America, which consists of sales, manufacturing, finance and research and development operations in the United States, Canada and Mexico, with employment of more than 31,000 associates.

"We want to help address the dire human need that Haiti is experiencing as a result of this disaster," said Tetsuo Iwamura, president & chief executive officer of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., and chief operating officer of Honda's North American region. "Honda has a longstanding relationship with the Red Cross, and we will work continuously with them to assist with the effort to provide much-needed relief."

The Red Cross has emphasized that the greatest current need is funding to support on-site emergency response teams. Honda has also been in close communication with the Red Cross regarding its need for material and equipment such as generators and water pumps on site, and Honda will continue to work with the Red Cross to determine its need for such support in Haiti.

The Honda donation consists of more than $300,000 in cash. This pledge will be augmented by a company matching gift available at various Honda companies, with funds designated to the Red Cross.

About Honda
Honda began operations in North America in 1959, and began producing products in North America in 1979, using domestic and globally-sourced parts. Honda has invested more than $12.1 billion in its North American operations, with annual purchases of more than $17.5 billion in parts and materials from suppliers in North America.

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