Mar 25, 2024

Honda Aircraft Company Announces New Authorized Service Center in Japan

GREENSBORO, N.C., March 25, 2024 – Honda Aircraft Company has announced a strategic update to its customer support network in Japan, with the introduction of Japan General Aviation Service (JGAS) as the new Authorized Service Center (ASC) in the region, taking over the service operations previously managed by Marubeni Aerospace Co., Ltd. This decision is aligned with Honda Aircraft Company’s new worldwide Sales & Service network strategy to further enhance the service experience for HondaJet customers, focusing on improved accessibility and efficiency across its customer support services. The transition will take effect as of April 1st, 2024.

JGAS, known for its commitment to quality and extensive service experience, is expected to uphold and extend the high standards of service that HondaJet customers have come to expect. With strategic locations in Tokyo as well as Kagoshima, JGAS’ HondaJet maintenance network spans across the country and provides high-quality aircraft maintenance services from facilities accredited by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.  HondaJet customers will benefit from increased convenience and reduced travel times for service needs. In addition, JGAS’ advanced parts supply system promises swift delivery of parts across Japan, further improving service efficiency for HondaJet customers.

“Honda Aircraft Company and JGAS are excited to embark on this new chapter together, with the consistent focus on delivering seamless service and maintaining a strong relationship with the HondaJet community in Japan,” said Honda Aircraft Company CEO & President Hideto Yamasaki. “We also extend our deepest gratitude to Marubeni Aerospace for their dedication and service over the years. The partnership has been instrumental in shaping the HondaJet experience for customers in Japan, and we look forward to building on this legacy with the new partner.”

Honda Aircraft Company has also announced that starting April 1st, 2024, Honda Aircraft Company will transition to a direct sales strategy in Japan. As part of this transition, Honda Aircraft Company will leverage JGAS’ expertise and customer knowledge to support HondaJet sales inquiries in Japan until further notice, with the inquiries being directly managed and fulfilled by Honda Aircraft Company’s sales team.

As the HondaJet global fleet exceeds 210,000 flight hours and grows to over 250 aircraft worldwide-- including a prominent 20% increase in flight activities in Asia in 2023, with Japan leading the region, Honda Aircraft Company remains dedicated to improving ownership experience and customer satisfaction in the market. Honda Aircraft Company has been proactively strengthening its global network to deliver high-quality services that cater to the rising demand and personalized needs of each customer.

Honda Aircraft Company is committed to facilitating a smooth transition and is actively working to ensure that HondaJet customers are fully supported during and after this change, guaranteeing uninterrupted service and support for the local HondaJet community.

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