Why Honda Aircraft Company employees are VIPs at aircraft delivery ceremonies

Why Honda Aircraft Company employees are VIPs at aircraft delivery ceremonies.

Customer deliveries are always exciting occasions around Honda Aircraft Company’s headquarters campus. Everyone in the company sees each delivery as a privilege to introduce our newest owners to their HondaJet.

With each delivery, presentation is of utmost importance. Customers are welcomed into our delivery center, a hangar specially designed for the presentation of the HondaJets, where a brief ceremony is held to commemorate the occasion.

In attendance at delivery ceremonies are our employees, scores of whom are on hand to help celebrate such a big occasion in our customers’ lives. It’s a tradition that was established with the very first customer delivery, and it continues on to this day.

For our customers, it’s an opportunity to see and meet the people who crafted their HondaJet. And it emphasizes our notion of welcoming them into the close-knit Honda Aircraft family. 

Team member participation in deliveries is also an opportunity to celebrate employees themselves. Every aircraft delivery is considered an important milestone for the company, so it only seems sensible to recognize Honda Aircraft team member and their contributions to these moments of significance.

For employees, customer deliveries represent the summation of everyone’s efforts across the company and its many departments and teams. The aircraft development and manufacturing process is a lengthy one, where typically most team members only see a narrow view of the entire process. And many team members have roles at the company that don’t put them in regular contact with the aircraft design and production process.

But everyone’s role supports the overall company goal of building a best-in-class product, so delivery ceremonies are the perfect opportunity for everyone to see the fuller picture of how their efforts culminate in a finished product.

This satisfaction is heightened by being able to witness our customers’ reactions when they see their HondaJet for the first time. And it becomes extra special when owners tell their personal stories during ceremonies and share how they’re planning to utilize their HondaJet, from expanding business ventures to engaging in humanitarian efforts.

That’s the power of ceremony: celebrate new beginnings, commemorate new milestones, and create a rewarding experience for customers and employees alike.