Expanding Human Mobility Skyward

Honda Aircraft Company builds aircraft with the latest innovations in aviation to change the way we travel. Every HondaJet uses cutting edge technology to meet a variety of needs, from those of small business owners and entrepreneurs to medevac and special missions. With aircraft that are fast, comfortable, and fuel efficient, Honda is extending the benefits of private aviation to a wider audience.

Exterior shot of parked HondaJet with pilot in cockpit

Productivity Tools

Representing the latest innovations in aircraft design, all HondaJets are both a joy to fly and an asset for business. Discover the benefits of aircraft ownership.

Two parked HondaJets

Designed For Operators

Offering industry leading reliability, low operating cost and the most comfortable cabin in class, our aircraft are the perfect fit for charter and fleet operators.

Six sketch papers of aircraft design

Our History

Every HondaJet we deliver is built on a legacy of innovation that spans decades.

Different colored HondaJets in front of hangar

A New Standard in Aviation

Honda Aircraft Company brings a new standard to business aviation through environmental stewardship and social responsibility. We developed new aviation technologies to ensure our aircraft achieve higher fuel efficiency through better aerodynamic performance. Each HondaJet emits less CO2 without compromising performance. This combination of uncompromised efficiency at lower operating costs helps to extend the benefits of private aviation to a wider audience. These innovations are only made possible through the collaboration of our international team of associates, who represent over twenty different countries.
A boy lying on the grass watches a HondaJet fly above him

Green Facility

Honda Aircraft Company not only produces fuel-efficient aircraft. Our environmental responsibility is also evident in our LEED GOLD-certified headquarters building and the Blue Skies for Our Children initiative.

Honda Aircraft Company employees standing in front of a HondaJet

International Company

Honda Aircraft Company was built with expertise and top talent drawn from across the globe. With over twenty different nationalities represented by our associates, we are truly an international company.