Otwem: Over the Wing Engine Mount by HondaJet.

Challenges Convention. Invigorates Performance.

Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM), a breakthrough in aeronautics engineered by Honda after more than 20 years
of extensive research and development, strays from the conventional mold set by the aviation industry.
Combined with Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) technology and a composite fuselage,
OTWEM has led to the creation of the world’s most advanced light jet.

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With OTWEM, the HondaJet commands the sky, flying faster and higher than any other jet in its class.

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Maximum cruise speed: 420 KTAS at 30,000 feet
Takeoff distance: Less than 4,000 feet
Rate of climb: 3,990 feet per minute


Rigorous attention is given to the largest components and tiniest details. You can see it in the specific placement of the engine — it is what makes OTWEM come alive.

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    Assembly with precision and
    uncompromised quality control
    creates Natural Laminar Flow that
    reduces aerodynamic drag.


OTWEM configuration maximizes available fuselage space.

Have your own aisle. Cross your legs.

Enjoy the space that OTWEM provides.

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Experience the artistry of purpose. The combination of OTWEM, Natural Laminar Flow and a cutting-edge composite fuselage enhances overall performance.

  • Constructed to be fastest in its class
  • Creates category-leading fuel efficiency
  • Results in quieter cabin
Interior of Jet